here we go…

short guy watching over the place

Mich gibt es auch auf deutsch


i am kim. most of my friends are calling me kim, so i will use this name here too.
i am living in good old germany. last years i was moving a lot, but i always stopped at moms place.
i love my family and friends, i love eating and i love japan and almost everything about it.
apart of this i am loyal and bad in forgetting. (aside from names and vocabulary)

a few years ago I had an homepage, which was killed with the dying provider. after being a bit lazy about trying again here I am once more. this time a bit more english and maybe a bit more reagular.

within I will try to tell you about my time in japan, things I am doing now of course, eating – course I love eating – all me my time-killing projects, music, friends and family and I will try to restart “kims meckerecke” (my personal time for being niggling about everything).

so I will hope to find someone reading time to time. πŸ™‚

PS.: I’m sorry for changing a lot those days. I still try to figure out what to do, to get every page where it has to be. and it kind of make me nuts (-.-)


it is moving round and round...

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